Why Now Is The Time To Invest In The New Pre Construction In Miami Beach?

  1. now is a very early and critical stage, the prices are low and expected to go up.
  2. Now is the reservation period meaning that if you decide not go through with the purchase before October your deposit is fully refundable.
  3. Last few pre construction buildings we promoted went up drastically in price and our clients profited from early purchase.
  4. Location! Miami Beach is located by the beach with breathtaking views by the water.
  5. This is the only pre construction building in Miami Beach that allows short term rentals (Airbnb etc).
  6. The ruff structure of the building is already built! So there’s no risk that the project won’t be finished or building costs might go up in price.
  7. It is the only pre construction that you will be getting a key as early as next year! No 3 year waiting period.
  8. You only have to put 10% down as a deposit to secure a unit for the current prices and wait until the October contract arrives.
  9. Unites will come fully furnished and finished in a very high quality.
  10. You can live in the unit yourself if you choose to and every day when you’re away you can make money by renting the property out.