What does it feel like 1,049 feet above
Ground overlooking all of Miami?
Lets find out!

As you may know Waldorf Astoria is an up and coming Pre-Construction
That is future to be built in Miami.

This highly anticipated and acclaimed development will be the tallest residential
Tower south of New York City.

Meaning it will be the Tallest Residential Building in Miami!

Other than its impressive exterior Waldorf Astoria offers a lot more inside!

· Waldorf Astoria Personal Concierge.
· 24-Hour Security & 24-Hour Reception.
· Doorman & Bellman Services.
· Valet Parking Service.
· Parcel Receiving & Delivery to Residence.
· Beach Club Service.
· Dog Walking Service.
· And much more!

So how could we experience what the view will be like in a building that
hasn’t even been built yet? Well, the answer is of course using the most advanced 2023

Virtual reality headsets are offered in Waldorf Astoria’s selling center.
We went and checked it out for you!

Click Below to watch the full video: