The Art of Underwriting a Real Estate Deal

It is very difficult to find a property that works for YOU and many say there is an “art” to it. It was an amazing opportunity presenting my experience and knowledge regarding the art of underwriting a real estate deal to members of the community.

With any property, you must weigh all the positives and negatives and see what you are willing to sacrifice on. It is important to be able to shift your mindset in a shifting market.

When searching for a new property, you can easily feel overwhelmed with all the information, there can be too many options or too little options, too high price, and low ROI (return on investment). Now as we are coming to the end of 2022, the market is very competitive and changes within minutes. It is a smart idea to start with conservative predictions and to be surprised in a good way afterward rather than get disappointed.

Me presenting the “The Art of Underwriting a Real Estate Deal” to Jewish-Israeli Parliament members at the Jewish Community Center in North Miami.