A 360° complete real-Estate Solution

We offer related services, some are in-house and others are provided by trusted 3rd party companies we worked with and highly recommend of.

We work with a number of tax consultants who can assist in clarifying ongoing subject as well as ongoing reports.

Tzvika Minster with Minster & Kohavi, is our tax advisor and CPA.

We believe in sharing knowledge. Our customers must see the big picture and have the right kind of tools, to make the best decisions.

The best way to get this knowledge is by watching our video clips.

We offer property management services for your locations here in South Florida.

Managing your properties includes direct contact with the tenants, periodic rent charges, direct deposits, finding and resolving issues, HOA payments, insurance and a piece of mind for investors.

Our commission is 5% of the rental income monthly. We also charge half a months fee for contract renewals with the tenants.

Nadlan in Miami works closely with Racheli Refael – a mortgage consultant with The Mortgage Firm.

Racheli is a professional mortgage consultant with 20 year’s of experience in her field, she provides extraordinary services for all her clients and new-comers.

Watch a mortgage FAQ interview that we conducted with Racheli about the stages of applying and recieving a mortgage for our local and foreign buyers.

In Nadlan in Miami we work with a few professional, highly experienced lawyers  with more than twenty years of experience in title examination and real estate and mortgage closings

We work with a number of insurance agencies, fully licensed and highly experienced.

Our clients are provided with VIP services and exceptional prices.

The top agent that we work with is Kim Ben Shalom from from Marker Insurance Company

We Offer our clients a thorough credit check as well as a background check for their potential tenants. Its is highly recommended before signing a lease contract.

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Nadlan in Miami works with licensed inspectors that are first-rate in the Miami Dade-Broward counties . Home inspectors are hired to efficiently inspect the condition of the property to the prospective buyer before buying the property.

Selling properties is all about marketing and we, Nadlan in Miami are experts in that field. We know that the same property can be sold in a much higher price based on visualization of the property and level of organization. We offer cleaning services and other preperation services before the sale.

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