Lofty Brickell Ground Breaking!

I am proud to announce, I was just personally invited, along with my clients, to the ground breaking celebration event for Lofty Brickell.
If you’re wondering why I take pride in being invited along with my clients, it’s simply because I found out about this pre construction about a year and two months ago.
Back then they still haven’t started to promote the project to the public, it was actually so early they didn’t even build their sales center and prices were still labeled as “Friends & Family Only”.
“Friends & Family Only” means they just launched the project for a discounted & limited time price.
As soon as I heard about that I made sure to provide all my clients with the necessary information.
We have scheduled many presentations with the ones interested, and locked in a contract at the lowest price that was available!
The prices have climbed up drastically since we signed the contracts, back then the building that was scheduled to start building in 2023, seemed very far away but here we are.
Next week the ground breaking will begin and the building will be approximately scheduled to be finished in two and half years.
If you’re actively looking for new opportunities to invest in luxury new pre constructions here in Miami please feel free to reach out.

Eyal Melamed at Lofty Brickell’s ground breaking.