Exclusive Gil Dezer Interview (Bentley Residences)

In an exclusive interview, Gil Dezer offers a sneak peek into the upcoming Bentley Residences in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. This pre-construction project promises an unparalleled blend of luxury and automotive innovation. Featuring the “DezerVator,” a patented car elevator system, residents can park their cars next to their high-rise apartments. The project, still in its development phase, highlights Dezer’s deep-rooted passion for cars, with design elements reflecting Bentley’s signature style.

The Bentley Residences are poised to redefine luxury living, with units priced between $5 to $8 million. Each apartment includes expansive outdoor spaces and private swimming pools on balconies, creating a “house in the sky” experience. Dezer emphasizes the project’s value proposition, with a competitive price per square foot compared to other high-end developments.

This interview also sheds light on the scarcity of oceanfront land, making these exclusive residences a promising investment. As the project progresses, it continues to attract attention for its innovative integration of car culture and high-end real estate, setting new standards in luxury living.